Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Roger Norheim Collections has had the great honour of redesigning the logo for the Tourist office of Ault-Onival and Bois de Cise. This is a region in full expansion and was in former ages the favourite spot for the well-to-do during the Belle Epoque. However, in my approach I have added modernity and dynamics in my design, still respecting the demands of integrating quite a lot of elements, the light-tower, the famous cliffs, the bird (the region is famous for its birds), and the church tower that has been classified as a historical monument and been the inspiration for novels. The choice of colours has also been quite demanding. The colours of the Picardie flag has been applied, as well as nuances of the typical opal-colour of the area, and the beige tones that lingers in the perspective whenever you visit at summer or winter. The great French writer Victor Hugo found inspiration at this location, and I also have the honour of elaborating the graphics for a tour that will be put in place for visitors in Ault and the area around.

All graphics: (c) 2011 Roger Norheim Collections

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