Friday, September 12, 2008


In previous blog entries I have written about how I find it inspirational to visit aquariums to get ideas for graphic design. Last year I visited the Aquarium in Bergen, Norway, and I also visited public aquariums in Gotenborg, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. In spring this year I went to the Aquarium in Marne La Vallée outside Paris, and this summer I had the pleasure of seeing wonderful seascapes in Tivoli, Denmark, and the Monaco Aquarium.

Clown Fish

The Monaco Aquarium is located in this building on the cliff.

After a visit inside you can enjoy a coffee or a small meal on the rooftop with a spectacular view on Monaco and Monte Carlo

Inside the Monaco Aquarium

The harbour in Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum. The Aquarium is located underneath.

The images below is from the widest aquarium in Europe in Tivoli:



Photos from internet