Sunday, January 27, 2008


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On my recent trip to Paris I found the new book on Karl Lagerfeld written by his former assistant at the Lagerfeld Gallery, Arnaud Maillard. Rumours says that high fashion magazines refuse to comment the book because they are afraid to loose the advertisement budgets from Mr Lagerfelds collaborating companies. The book has no important revealing facts about the designer, with the exception of highly intimate details on his consumption of Coke (Diet Coke and Pepsi Max that is...)

Earlier on my blog I commented on Karl Lagerfeld´s studio and bookstore, 7L, that is located at 7 rue de Lille on the left bank in Paris. I strongly recommend this store for those who like hard-to-find books. I just happened to run into a shoot for Harper´s Bazaar Japan when I was there last week, so I was all excited about it (Hello to Masae Hara, by the way...) Concerning the products, I particularly fell for the Dom Perignon notebook, elegantly slipped into a hard box, all in black.


Oh yes, now Karl Lagerfeld is available as a toy, - or sculpture for you desk. Avaiable at Colette in Paris.

Photo: (c) 2008 colette