Saturday, January 12, 2008


Congrats to Kristian Aadnevik with his show for Versace in Firenze. Break a leg in Milan and make Norway proud!!

Photos: (c) 2007 Kristian Aadnevik



One of the major challenges in today`s society is dealing with the ever increasing health issues related to anxiety. "Time of Tempest" was written in order to discuss the taboo of anxiety. This story has been written before, in so many different ways, and I took the liberty of adopting some inspiration from famous Norwegian author Amalie Skram and her epic saga "The People from Hellemyr".

At the time, and still today - the story is modern, in the aspect of the content. When a heart is broken, it does not matter if it happened one hundred years ago, or in the future. The sorrow and pain remains the same.

"Time of Tempest" invites you, as an individual, to reflect about where YOUR heart belongs...

"Time of Tempest" is considered a reinvention of the traditonal musical play, and therefore it has been intitulated a rockoperatorium. The term "rockoperatorium" is invented and copyrighted Collections Creative Agency by Roger Norheim.

Link to the Time of Tempest website, click here: TIMEofTEMPEST

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