Wednesday, October 17, 2007


IN magazine is currently hosting me as a graphic designer and you can visit their web sites by clicking HERE.

Monday, October 15, 2007


One of my favourite websites for inspiration. You can visit the site by clicking SHOWSTUDIO

About SHOWstudio

“SHOWstudio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process—from conception to completion—is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.”

Nick Knight

SHOWstudio is an online fashion broadcasting company committed to pioneering, live fashion media. Led by photographer Nick Knight, SHOWstudio has consistently broken new ground with its experimental interactive projects, films and live performances. Its unique collaborations with the world’s most sought-after and influential photographers, artists, writers, designers and cultural figures are broadcast live, in real time on the award-winning SHOWstudio website.

Committed to unveiling the entire process of creativity to a highly fashion literate audience, SHOWstudio involves its global community of dedicated viewers, encouraging them to respond and contribute to its projects. The progress of each of SHOWstudio's 250+ collaborations –from pre-production meetings and stylists’ selections to the live shoots- is documented as it occurs, communicated immediately via the BLOG and discussed and evaluated with viewers on the FORUM.

No other fashion media offers this direct connection between the closed, ‘insider’ world of high-end fashion and its international audience. Constantly changing, SHOWstudio delivers live fashion, as it happens, 24 hours per day.

August 2006

SHOWstudio History

Oct 2005
Stephen White joins as Commercial Director. Laura Bradley joins as Editorial Assistant.

Sep 2005
‘Bring & Buy’ project in collaboration with i-D magazine raises £19,200 for Oxfam.

Aug 2005
First major international “real world” project launched, ‘PSP Amaze Me’.

Apr 2005
Launch of SHOWstudio version 4 site design. Sharmin Nordien joins as Producer.

Oct 2004
Opened concession in Comme des Garcons’ Dover Street Market in London’s Mayfair.

Nov 2003
Live space opened as third version of site launched.

Jul 2003
Ross Phillips joins as Head of Interactive.

Jun 2003
SHOWstudio wins Webby Award as Best Fashion Website. Dorian Moore joins as Chief Technical Officer.

Feb 2003
First picture phone project, ‘Couture: the Luxury of Not Caring’. First webchat interview, 'In Camera' with David Bailey.

Dec 2002
Myles Eftos joins as Technical Officer.

Aug 2002
Site re-launched, with ‘LIVE’, ‘PLAY’ and ‘FILM’ channels.

Apr 2002
Opened first exhibition at the 17th Festival International des Arts de la Mode à Hyères, France.

Jan 2002
Daniel Brown joins as Multimedia Director.

Dec 2001
First live webcast, ‘Sleep’. ‘SHOWstudio 01’, a portfolio of artworks by 20 SHOWstudio contributors, launched.

Oct 2001
Chris Raettig joins as Technical Officer.

Sep 2001
Penny Martin joins as Editor in Chief. Simon Foxton and Jonathan Kaye join as Fashion Directors.

Apr 2001
Alice Rawsthorn appointed Director of Design Museum, London.

Feb 2001
Christabel Stewart joins as Arts Editor.

Dec 2000
Paul Bruty joins as Chief Designer.

Nov 2000
Site launched.

Mar 2000
In-house team working on pilot site, beginning with Paul Hetherington, Creative Director, later joined by Derek Michael and Adam Mufti, Motion Image Director. Alice Rawsthorn consults as Editor.

Sep 1999
Nick Knight and Peter Saville conceive of idea for art and fashion website on holiday in South of France.
Yves Saint Laurent


This time Jesus is made of barcodes. More on

Photo: (c) 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Today I was thinking about this particular drawing from one of my sketch books, so I decided to publish it on my blog. It´s called "Rest in Peace". I remember that when I made this one in black ink, I imagined it blown up to at least 100 x 100 cm. Maybe I will do that one day, and put it on my wall.

Photo: (c) 2007 Roger Norheim Collections /Archives


This is the latest trend in promoting clothes from Italy. It´s not a joke. More about the products by clicking HERE. Finally a real model that actually fits the clothes instead of the fat whales at the TV series Top Model. So all your girls out there, no more dieting, - stop eating! Just to compare the trends, under you will find a picture from the Norwegian edition of the TV series Top Model. It´s is a miracle that the car is not collapsing under her weight. (Someone should call Greenpeace and get her back into the sea...) So, should it be Break Down or Pin Up???

Photos: (c) 2007 Nolita (c) 2007 TV3


Pierre & Gilles are the masters of kitsch. I had the pleasure to visit one of their exhibitions in Paris in the late nineties. The last picture here, of Sylvie Vartan, was displayed at that time, and the frame is enormous. The title is Ice Lady, and it is a hand-painted photo mounted on aluminum. It was made in 1994 and I think it´s owned by François Pinault. I remember the fram was made of plastic and looked like ice.


I believe that Pierre & Gilles and Baz Luhrman would find this portrait of Jesus inspirational. Kind of kitschy...