Saturday, October 13, 2007


At Charles&Marie you can find the most crazy design objects imaginable. My favourite are the business cards "Stop Talking".


Here are a few samples from the Cavalli & H&M campaign. I like the elements of gold in the graphics.


The new Prada soap is of very high quality, and comes with the scent of iris. This time I liked the soaps too, not only the box.

Learn more about the Prada Parfums universe by clicking HERE. Don´t miss the movie starring supermodel Daria.


A feast for the eyes...


Last summer (2007) I went to Universum in Gøteborg, Sweden, and the Danish Aquarium in Charlottenlund (just outside Copenhagen, Denmark). Maybe it sounds weird but fish is one of my best sources of inspiration in graphic design. They come in all colours and shapes, and sometimes you are blown away by the beauty of all these amazing creatures. God must have been in a good mood when he was doing the life in the water. I was not greatly impressed by the Danish Aquarium. The site looked kind of worn out. But the beautiful location at Charlottenlund makes it worth a visit. Next to the building you can find a huge beach.

Images from the Danish Aquarium at Charlottenlund:

Concerning Universum in Gøteborg, I must say that the enormous fish tanks are astonishing. Very intelligently designed, you can almost get the sensation that you are down in the water with the fish and the sharks. A major treat is the walk through the rainforest, an enormous indoor installation of tropical vegetation, birds, monkeys, snakes and everything that goes with it. And, it´s not called a rainforest for nothing. You are literally sprayed with water as you are walking through the labyrinth of jungle. The first time I visited Universum they had a vast collections of butterflies in the rainforest, with all the colours you can imagine.

I am including some pictures from the London Aquarium as well. I think it was three or four years ago I went there, and the exhibition is impressive. The shark tank is fantastic with replicas of the Eastern Island statues.

And the message is, - whenever your inspiration and creativity come to a halt, find a n aquarium or a zoo. Nature rules!

The pictures below are from the London Aquarium:


Jesus (Christ) is my hero! I will try to find pictures of Him, and try to show how people imagine He looked like. I start with this one just because I like it.

Photo: (c) God in Heaven 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007


Last year I took some portraits of artist, singer and actor Henning Sebastian Jahre. I thought I should publish it here and make a link to his BLOG, where you can find his latest photo-novels. The graphics come from Collections Creative Agency (of course). If not it would not have been published on my blog.

Photo of Mr Jahre: (c) Roger Norheim Collections 2006
Photos "A picture of Dorian Gray": (c) Henning Sebastian Jahre 2007
Graphics: (c) Roger Norheim Collections 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Commercial advertisement for the 2007 release of the new fragrance for men from the Paris fashion house Kenzo: Tokyo by Kenzo starring Michel Novello and directed by Patrick Guedj.

Music: "Locusts" on The Future Crayon by Broadcast


Regarding your comeback album I suggest that you make a collaboraton with the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. That will give you a marketing impact on the Asian market that is priceless. It would probably be helpful for your marketing approach in the Western world as well, since Mr Murakami´s work has been widely acclaimed by both Europeans and Americans. One of my friends at the Roland Berger strategy consulting company in Bahrain could probably give you an advice on budgetary concerns.

I suggest that you reinvent yourself as a cartoon, - designed by Mr Murakami. The packaging must reflect this, and of course the music videos should be cartoons or 3D animations inspired by or similar. Maximizing diffusion in new marketing channels such as and interactive communities is vital.

Honestly I think this would be a good approach!