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My blog will wear a red background today in support to the people of Burma.

Du må ikke sitte trygt i ditt hjem
og si: Det er sørgelig, stakkars dem!
Du må ikke tåle så inderlig vel
den urett som ikke rammer dig selv!

Fra diktet "Du må ikke sove" av Arnulf Øverland


(Oscar hammerstein/Richard Rodgers)
from the musical, Carousel

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark

Walk on, through the wind
Walk on, through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on, through the wind
Walk on, through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KRISTIAN VALEN: "Professionals built the Titanic, but 1 amateur built the Ark!!!"

A EXCLUSIVE: Interview with artist Kristian Valen by Roger Norheim about creativity and life in general. This is the first interview under the label COLLECTIONS RECOLLECTIONS, in which personalities will share advice and thougths about creativity:

Firstly, could we have some of your personal views on shower cabin interior design solutions? Are bullet-proof shower curtains the hit of the season or not??
-He he, I'm not so deep into shower curtains.. as long as u can c through them :)

Musician, Stand-Up comedian, TV-star, etc. Have you ever considered a normal occupation like teacher or dentist?
-He he, to me this is a "normal" occupation and always have been. But I have studied medicine in the army + my mom's working within the medicine business and my dad was as soccer player. (That's the closest I came after dropping out of the national youth team to my dad's big disappointment.
The most important thing is that you do what YOU like and what you feel gives you something back. In my case, the feedback from the audience is the biggest kick in the world!
Having total strangers all over the world walking up 2 u on the street saying that something you did/wrote/sang/acted have had an impact on their life in a positive way....can't describe it! Better than ANY drug! (And maybe that ;)

What is the story behind your new single “Where is Jesus”?
(No, it has nothing to do about religion!)
Why the word Jesus? It is a metaphor! Since a lot of people look towards religion when times are tough.
The record label chose the title since I could not make up my mind. It is really a simple song about 2 people who says thank you for standing by each other when times are hard! In a way, he is singing to her and telling her that "she is his religion", and together they can overcome anything!

Your blockbuster hit DVD versions of your TV and theatre shows prove that you are more popular than ever. 5000 friends on Facebook confirms this. Why are you so popular?
-He he, what is popular? You should ask the people who have made my life a dream come true....they are the reason that I'm living a dream! Without them, I am nothing!
My advice for making it entertainment industry is 3 things:
-Hard work
-Hard work
-Have fun and ONLY do things that you REALLY find funny/interesting and good yourself!
-Hopefully a little bit of talent.... I HOPE :)
-And lot's of luck and timing...

The sad thing about the business now is that it is almost ONLY about who you know, and NOTHING about quality or how much time or work u put into it.
Those who are afraid to fall will never fly!!!!
AND REMEMBER: Professionals built the Titanic, but 1 amateur built the Ark!!!

Is your bag a real Dolce & Gabbana, or is it a cheap rip-off from a sleazy market in Spain?
-He he, I have many bags.... I never buy things that are "branded" and REALLY flash the logo etc... but I either go for the really cheap one if I like it, or the real D&G...NEVER buy fake brand!!!!!!

You go fishing in Kenya? Why?
-It helps me to relax...the sound of the ocean, the open sky, not knowing what you will pull out of the water + Kenya and Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth!! I go there as often as I can!

Is your gay character, Kjartan, on Valen TV based on a personal experience?
-He he, who said he was gay?
But ALL of my characters and stories on TV/film, stage etc is based on true story's/events or real people I have met :)

Do you have a childhood memory that had significant influence on your creative career?
-Yes, being the laughing stock and being the punch-line in every others joke on school... That made me "harder" and made me wanna "prove them wrong" and I guess that comedy started out as my "defense". I thought: If I say something stupid about myself before the others do, maybe they will laugh WITH me and not OF me!

Who is your favorite designer (any category)?
-So many:
Roberto Cavalli
Dolce & Gabbana
And Antonio Marras.

(I DO NOT LIKE CLOTHES "SHOWING OFF" the brand!!!! So if I REALLY like a jacket or whatever and it says Dolce & Gabbana ALL OVER the back, I WILL NEVER BUY IT! SOORRY, I now I'm not normal... he he, but who wants to be...that would only make us all boring and alike... he he)

I like styles/clothes that make people ask themselves: "Has he bought that on a second hand store, or what is that!", or "Are those clothes old or new?"
Remember: Fashion is something OTHERS make FOR you/us, BUT style is something we make our selves!!!!
As long as YOU feel comfortable and like it, fuck it!! Wear it with pride!

Are you spiritual?
-Yes, and proud of it!

One sensational question, - where do you live?
-The world! I don't have a place I call home I'm sad to say.... as long as I'm close to the ocean and have my toothbrush I guess that is my "home" either in LA,Oslo, Spain or Africa.

Where and how do you find your general inspiration when you work?
-Anger, frustration, sadness , unfairness and watching our society become more and more of the "business made products out there".
But I never do anything to "please the market" or think "I wanna make something I think the masses will like" etc... I only do/make things myself would enjoy or as a kind of "self therapy".

If you were obligated to be Director of a blue movie, who would you cast for the main part among the following candidates, and why?
A: Jens Stoltenberg
B: Kristin Halvorsen
C: Erna Solberg
D: Siv Jensen
(all noted Norwegian political leaders)

-Oh, my god.... what is best: COLERA OR THE BLACK DEATH?
But if you forced no I better not spill my sexual fantasies here .... "A gentleman never tells", you know!

Your success in the Norwegian entertainment business is quite
outstanding. What advice can you give young people that eager to express their creativity? Is the law of Jante any longer an obstacle?

-As I said in question number 4!
But yes,"Jante" is as strong as ever I'm sad to say! I guess Norway is a country where envy is stronger than the sexual drive. (This means not everybody of course, but if I was to paint a "black and white picture" this is my answer. BUT I KNOW that only saying this will make me a "target"...but hell, I'm ALWAYS honest either it's in a positive or negative way.)

Anything you would like to add?
-No, only that I feel really blessed to be able to live out my dreams...AND REMEMBER: IF YOU WANNA DO SOMETHING THAT YOU THINK WILL FILL YOUR LIFE WITH SOMETHING POSITIVE, DO IT!!!! Do not care what the rest says! Life is to short! It is better to have loved and lost, or never loved at all! (That is a line for suckers right... he he... even pain and sorrow are strong feelings that gives you a wider perspective of life! Suck it all in, and live life to the fullest and be all you can be! SKY IS THE LIMIT!

I would not have been able to do ANY of my projects (TV, stageshow, comedy, film etc) if I had listened to the people around me! I have ALWAYS heard: "No, this will never work". (Sometimes they may be right, but the most important thing is not making it to the finishing line first BUT being able to be a part of the journey!


Photos: (c) Kristian Valen 2006/2007 (c) TV Norge 2006
Text: (c) Roger Norheim Collections 2007
All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction prohibited.

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TIME OF TEMPEST is moving...

I will move all the material from "Time of Tempest" to its own blog:

Click on link to visit PS! The blog is under construction.

Photo: (c) Roger Norheim Collections 2007 (c) Time of Tempest. All Rights Reserved



Are you going skiing this winter, ladies? Posh Spice got the first Chanel skis a few years ago. Don´t miss the new models from the Prêt-à-porter Sport Automne-Hiver 2007/8. Ha ha ha...

Photos: (c) Chanel 2007


One of the most glamorous Norwegian women I have met is definitively Tova Borgnine. We ran into each other one late afternoon at the Buddah Bar in Paris. As we were the only people in there (the place had just opened), and I have just finished a meeting, it came quite natural to say hello to each other. Even if she has lived in the United States almost all her life, she still speaks Norwegian fluently, and she was thrilled to announce that she had met (the late) Thor Heyerdahl and presented him an award. I just want to put some words about her in my blog, because I find her life story quite inspirational. A good example of how creativity can change a persons life.

After emigrating from Norway as a small child, Tova's tenacity drove her to accomplish a remarkable feat. Her heartfelt passion for beauty and elegance formed the foundation for what has now become a direct marketing success story. Along with her mantra: "It can be done!" she has transformed her dreams into a multi-million dollar corporation now positioned as an international presence in the beauty business.

During Tova's early twenties, she received her initial exposure to the inner workings of the cosmetics industry in Manhattan while she was working as a model and actress. The subsequent success of her East Coast boutique named "Tova's Touch" let her to Las Vegas where she became a highly-regarded makeup artist. She found the desert climate caused many of her clients to suffer from skin problems due to lack of hydration. Tova began her quest for the ultimate botanical skin care treatment when her friend, Merle Oberon, introduced her to an obscure Aztec cactus-based facial masque.

Tova was introduced to Ernest Borgnine on a blind date at Chasen's restaurant in Los Angeles. A strong mutual attraction and a whirlwind romance preceded their marriage. While on a film shoot with Ernie in Mexico, Tova sought out the source of the facial masque she had used when in Las Vegas. Soon afterward, a reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle came to their home in Beverly Hill with the intention of interviewing Ernie on his marital history. Ernie quickly redirected the inquiry to Tova's discovery in Mexico. Tongue in cheek, the reporter ran an article entitled, "Ernest Borgnine's Wife Discovers Face Lift in a Jar, All the Stars Use it . . . "

The direct mail business had found Tova almost overnight. She pioneered personalized direct mail/telephone sales and through the storms developed her skills in creative marketing. Today, she hosts the highly popular QVC program, "Beauty by Tova." Her Signature Fragrance is the number-one selling fragrance on television today and was recently nominated for the Fragrance Foundation's Hall of Fame Award. Tova's "Body Mind and Spirit" salon in Beverly Hills enjoys an elegantly upbeat atmosphere catering to many Hollywood notables. Despite her hectic schedule, Tova insists on maintaining personal contact with her customers.

Along with her recent participation in the World Economic Forum, Tova remains active with philanthropic organizations such as the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation. She also serves on the Boards of Junior Achievement and the American Scandinavian Foundation.

Photos: (c) Beauty by Tova


Depuis plusieurs années, français et norvégiens, francophones ou francophiles, se retrouvent une fois par mois à Oslo pour déguster différents vins et se familiariser avec le monde de la vigne. La dégustation des vins est un art qui s'apprend!!

C'est Jean-Yves Lingner qui a eu l'idée de créer un club du vin francophile en Norvège. Son amour du vin et sa curiosité étaient grands et en tant que Français à l'étranger - mieux vaut connaître son vin!

Alors, en fin 1999, Jean-Yves a commencé à faire des cours une fois par mois. Heureusement, même s’il est le seul à faire le cours et à préparer la soirée, il a quand-même quelques amis qui lui soutient. Il y a Anni Lingner, sa femme et le secrétaire du club, et Emmanuel Thibault, le trésorier et un vrai fidèle du club. Le bureau des amis du vin consiste aussi en Nicholas Contat et Bruno Delafosse, des vrais amateurs de vin enthousiastes !

Click here for information: LesAmisduVin

Photos: (c) Les Amis du vin 2007

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"Time of Tempest" is a rockoperatorium (a mix between a rock opera and an oratorium). The story is inspired by "The People of Hellemyr" by Norwegian author Amalie Skram. "Time of Tempest" is, however, the story about Ella Storm, in a city not far from where you live, in a time not far from today. The work portrays the effects of anxiety in the mind of the main character and her husband, and "the tempest" is a symbol of their inner conflicts and challenges. They live in a society in which success and appearance are the most important values. Due to a tragic event in their lives, they face a new type of challenge in order to survive - the confrontation with their inner selves, values and faith. The music and libretto of "Time of Tempest" is created by Roger Andreas Norheim, who has taken great inspiration from the singer Tezz Karlsen and the writer Bruce Bawer... The synopsis from the musical epos and the complete libretto will be published on this blog later this year. "Time of Tempest" is dedicated Roger Norheim`s musicteacher and musical mentor Vesla Nybø (1946-2002).


In the absence of anything better to blog about this afternoon, I am just putting in some drawings from my sketch book. These were made of black ink with no particular purpose, just like this blog entry... (All these sketches were made one afternoon at Hotel Continental (Oslo) in the lounge of "Dagligstuen". Does anyone recognize where I found the inspiration of the first one, - the one of the old gentleman? The clue resides at "Dagligstuen"...)

Photo: (c) Roger Norheim Collections 2005 / Sketch Book Archives

SIGNE CHANEL - the TV series

During my current research on Karl Lagerfeld I found this very interesting TV documentary on the fashion house CHANEL. It brings you into the ateliers of the famous fashion house, and you will see how a collection is produced. It starts off with Karl Lagerfeld delivering his drawings and instructions for the upcoming collections, and during five episodes we follow the production. It is intriguing to learn that all the braids on the Chanel outfits are handmade by an old woman living on a farm in the outskirts of Paris. She is the only person in the world with that particular skill. One other interesting aspect of the TV show is the superstition that reigns in the ateliers, for instance if a garment falls to the floor it means that it will be liked and is therefor a good sign. On the contrary if you loose your scissors on the floor you are in serious trouble. That means DEATH! If you start off with this clip, you find the rest of the series on YouTube. It is all subtitled in English. Enjoy the drama!!!