Thursday, September 20, 2007

Photos: (c) Acne Paper

Great photographer who had Herb Ritts as his mentor. More later... (Click on headline for link to his website)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


"I am just a designer...", Karl Lagerfeld announces in a great interview on Youtube. It is quite a long one, approx 40 minutes, but very interesting. The interviewer is Charlie Rose, and next to Karl you will find Harriet Mays Powell, Fashion Director of New York Magazine. You find the link in the TV section in the right coulumn here on my blog under the label "Karl Lagerfeld".


Monday, September 17, 2007

If you are interested in dance, I suggest for you to visit and learn more about my friend Monica.

herStay is Monica Emilie Herstad´s artist signature and performance project. She is a choreographer and artist performing internationally

Picture presenting Monica Emilie Herstad in her performance NoNameDance (2007), at Observatoriet, Centre for Ibsen Studies UiO, earlier at Nasjonalmuseet, August 17th 2007

Photo: (c) 2007


Karl Lagerfeld qu’on ne présente plus sur Blographic nous fait part de ses goûts musicaux en collaboration avec le magazine Vogue. Cet éventail de choix musicaux reflète bien l’amour qu’il porte à la culture, tout particulièrement aux livres qui le fascinent et dont il se plait à remplir ses appartements, ses bagages et ses nuits.
Cette sélection hétérogène fait également partie de la rigoureuse mélodie orchestrée lors de ses fascinants défilés.

Disponible chez Colette, 28€.


1 - Devandra Banhart / Feel Like a Child
2 - The Boy Least Likely To : Be Gentle With Me
3 - Minotaur Shock : Vigo Bay
4 - Lindstrom & Prinz Thomas : Mighty Girl
5 - Mayer & Aguayo : Slow
6 - LCD Soundsystem : To Much Love
7 - The Free Design/ The Proper Ornaments
8 - The Pipettes : Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
9 - Smokers die Younger : Yer Actual
10 - Electrelane : Eight Steps
11 - Xavier Cugat : Perfidia
12 - Planning To Rock : I Wanna Bite ya
13 - Fiery Furnaces : I’m in no mood
14 - A Hawk And A Hacksaw : Romceasca

1 - Fashion mix : The Fall / Blindness - Stravinsky / Pulcinella - The Bell Orchestra / The Upwards March
2 - Siouxsie and the Banshees / Spellbound
3 - Matmos / Solo Buttons for Joe Meek
4 - Caribou / Lord Leopard
5 - Goldfrapp / Slide in DFA remix edit
6 - Joakim : I Wish You Were Gone
7 - Stereolab : I was a sunny rainphase
8 - Kreidler : Cervantes

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wonderful bottle design from Norway: VOSS

Photo: (c) 2007

Maybe the most exciting Norwegian art magazine at the moment. Take a look at

Photos: (c) 5501 magazine 2007

More from

Photos: (c) 2007

Unique French magazine concept. Great artwork at

Photos: (c) Nuke 2007

Take at look at the online magazine called Hintmag

Photo: (c) 2007



My Virtual Model
At FASHION TV MY_VIRTUAL_MODEL you can play around and make your own outfits and scenes. Cool feature for lazy Sunday afternoons. Try it!