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Guess who? I promise it´s not Roger Rabbit! During my working engagement with the Walt Disney Company, I was put on one of the weirdest assignments of my life. The task involved the mysteryman above, and I will provide all those who lust for gossip about this extraterrestrial encounter a more detailed report soon. First I must reflect for a while on whether it is nice or not of me, who possesses a big nose, to blog for you nosy people about a person without a nose... Stay tuned!

Former Swedish top model turned photographer, – enjoy his great galleries at his website



Click on the link above if you want the original Falcon Crest Logo in eps format

I can´t help myself but adding a little something on the late "Angela Channing". She was kind enough to send me an autographed card and letter in the eighties, so therefore I thought it would be appropriate to honor her in my blog. For your pleasure, I put in the opening credits from the notorious hit tv soap Falcon Crest in my TV-section. PS! Don´t get carried away, she was a bitch after all...
And my excuse...I loved the logo!!

Jane Wyman, the Oscar-winning actress and former wife of Ronald Reagan, has died at he age of 93, officials said Monday.

Wyman, who won a best actress Academy Award for her portrayal of a deaf rape victim in "Johnny Belinda" before later appearing in the hit television soap "Falcon Crest," died at her Palm Springs home, according to William Martin with Forest Lawn Memorial Park and Mortuary in Cathedral City.

No further information was immediately available.

Although Wyman became familiar to millions during the 1980s as the scheming Angela Channing in "Falcon Crest," her heyday had come decades earlier with roles in a string of hit films during Hollywood's golden age.

A contract actress with Warner Brothers studio in the 1930s, Wyman's big break came in 1939 with her first lead role in "Torchy Plays With Dynamite."

She garnered critical acclaim for her performance in 1945's film noir classic "The Lost Weekend," before winning an Oscar nomination the following year for her role in the "The Yearling."

Although she missed out on an Academy Award to Olivia de Havilland, Wyman did not have long to wait before getting her hands on the famous golden statuette, scooping the prize in 1948 for "Johnny Belinda."

It was the first time that the prestigious acting award had been given for a role that did not require a single spoken word of dialogue.

Fittingly, Wyman kept her acceptance speech short and sweet.

"I won this by keeping my mouth shut, and that's what I'm going to do now," she said after collecting the prize.

The win paved the way for roles in several big-budget projects, and she went on to earn two more Oscar nods during her career for 1951's "The Blue Veil" and 1954's "The Magnificent Obsession" opposite Rock Hudson.

Wyman was married four times to three men, with her longest relationship her eight-year union with former president Reagan between 1940 and 1948, which followed a one-year marriage to Myron Futterman in 1937.

Wyman and Reagan had three children, Maureen, who died in 2001, aged 60, Michael, who was adopted in 1945, and Christine who was stillborn in 1947.

After her marriage to Reagan ended, Wyman married bandleader Frederick Karger in 1952, divorcing him three years later.

The couple remarried in 1961 but divorced for a second time in 1965. Wyman never remarried.

Source: (c) 2007


Some of the Elite Models Fashion products are now available in Norway. Bjørklund at Gunerius presents the watch collection, and the prices are moderate. Elite Models Fashion presented their new merchanising concept in Paris in the mid-nineties, and I was of course at the huge release party at Palace in Paris. The clothing line was presented on the runway by the baby-tops of the Paris divison of Elite Model Management, elegantly supervised by the company´s European President, Gérald Marie (former husband of Linda Evangelista). Wrapped up in some black way-too-tight-for-his-age leather pants he stood on the side of the stage and gently kissed every single girl on the cheek before they headed out on the runway, as if they would just fall apart without such a blessing. The famous model coach, Jay Alexander, confied to me that in the beginning they thought of the label "Elite What We Wear", but the concept was modified to "Elite Models Fashion". In the first years they even had their own concept store on the Champs-Elysées and a boutique corner at the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Although the label was "over-licenced" and spread out on any thinkable product, I find it intriguing that the Norwegians now can indulge themselves with some "supermodel-aura". Yes, I admit it, I have an Elite Models Fashion product too, – a nice black nylon toiletry-bag (made in China or something like that). Yet it doesn´t make me feel like a all!

Learn more about Elite models fashion by clicking here: ELITE

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New crime by Unni Lindell

Author Unni Lindell´s latest crime is that she is debuting as a "designer". Cups, bed lining and a bag is supposed to be presented to the consumers. It looks horrible, and I will post pictures as soon as its available. I am not quite sure where the crime scene is.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


CNN aired this clip from Youtube today. Does he realize that more than two million people are laughing their crap off right now? If that is not enough - look closely, - do you see the similarities with Michael Jackson???

Take your time to visit, one of my favourite design studios. They are very talented at what they are doing, and they even have their own shop on the ground level. Is that logo cool or what?
Photo: (c) 2007

A nice princess and a nice prince

As dedicated royalist I take the liberty to blog a little bit on the Humanitarian Fund. More on Notice that the logo is based on the fingerprints of the two.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Humanitarian Fund

The establishment of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Humanitarian Fund enables Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit to focus efforts on humanitarian causes of special interest to them. The fund was founded in connection with their marriage in 2001, and since that time has provided support to projects in Norway and abroad.

In Norway grants are allocated to projects aimed at improving conditions for children and young people. In countries abroad, the fund targets projects related to health and education. Grant awards are announced on 25 August, the wedding anniversary of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess played an active role in the design of the fund, and they continue to stay apprised of the board’s decisions. The chairman of the board is Tove Strand, CEO of Ullevaal University Hospital in Oslo.

As one of the fund’s activities, in spring 2006 the Crown Prince and Crown Princess invited all middle school pupils in Norway to participate in an essay competition on the topic of development. The Crown Princess headed the panel of judges. The two girls from Tønsberg who won the competition received a trip to Zambia as the first-place prize. The competition’s focus on development was intended to encourage young people to consider how each individual can make a positive difference in the world.
Grant recipients:

* The Church City Mission: A youth project directed by the PMV Centre for health, dialogue and development (Oslo, Norway)
* The AIDS Centre, “Project Bus”, Patrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia (Russia)


* Right to Play: A sports and health project (Uganda)


* Yirga Alem Hospital Fistula Unit (Ethiopia)

* Rehabilitation of child soldiers (Democratic Republic of Congo)


* Norwegian People’s Aid project ”Følgesvennen”, providing companions and provisional guardians to asylum seekers (Asker, Norway)
* Norwegian Red Cross project “Leksehjelpen”, offering help with homework to pupils from minority backgrounds (Oslo, Norway)


* National Community of Women Living with Aids (Uganda)
* Education through Sport (Zambia)


* The Vard Model (Haugesund, Norway)
* Basic education in Alefa Takusa (Ethiopia)
* Prevention of HIV/AIDS (Mozambique)

Source and photos: (c) 2007

Check out the website of one of the most exciting Norwegian fashion designers at the moment. In the latest issue of Italian L`Uomo Vogue you can also find a portrait on his recent collaboration with Donatella Versace. Aadnevik is based in London, but in Oslo you can find items from his collections at Steen & Strøm.
On the last picture we see Kristian Aadnevik with HRH The Crown Princess Mette Marit from Norway. PS! The princess is the one to the left...
Photos: (c) 2007

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Preview of Coco Mademoiselle The Film. Login: mademoiselle Password: private

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I try to shake your hand, but the screen is in my way...

One of my favourite websites is Very nice graphics! Notice the pictures from their shop, - everything is upside down!!
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More from Saatchi

Above a few more samples from Saatchi Gallery´s website.
(C) All Rights Reserved Roger Norheim Collections 2004/2006


This is not art, but pieces I made with the intention of using them as decorations on the wall. I have made a lot of series like this, and here is the one called "Yellow".
Photos: (c) Yellow / Roger Norheim Collections 2006


I entitled this drawing "Madonna". Very simple and clean, but still thoughtful and somewhat mysterious. This drawing is from my series ABSTRACTICONS that I previously presented on the website of Saatchi Gallery.
Photo: (c) Abstracticons by Roger Norheim Collections


I must admit that I miss Paris a lot. I lived there for four years in the end of the nineties. More later from the City of Lights.

Le Mauvais Garcon

In this exclusive film for SHOWstudio, John Galliano lets us in on how he really makes his fashions. With Morgane Dubled starring as la merveilleuse ingénue and Monsieur Galliano as the eponymous mauvais garcon, witness the creative process of the atelier in all its histrionic glory before the showing of his A/W '07 collection. Doctored with cigarette burns and jaundiced film reel for a straight-from-the-archive-shelf charm, this self-effacing film re-enacts the common mythologies that enshroud the figure of the fashion designer: as a fastidious creator of clothing and fantasy. Toying with many of these received ideas, the film is made in the parodic style that M. Galliano does better than anyone else.