Sunday, October 14, 2007


This is the latest trend in promoting clothes from Italy. It´s not a joke. More about the products by clicking HERE. Finally a real model that actually fits the clothes instead of the fat whales at the TV series Top Model. So all your girls out there, no more dieting, - stop eating! Just to compare the trends, under you will find a picture from the Norwegian edition of the TV series Top Model. It´s is a miracle that the car is not collapsing under her weight. (Someone should call Greenpeace and get her back into the sea...) So, should it be Break Down or Pin Up???

Photos: (c) 2007 Nolita (c) 2007 TV3

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Roy Alis� said...

It is nice to know that girls who are to skinny to make it in the porn business have opportunities to become famous as fashion models - even if it means having to cover their bodies in clothing.