Sunday, September 23, 2007


"Time of Tempest" is a rockoperatorium (a mix between a rock opera and an oratorium). The story is inspired by "The People of Hellemyr" by Norwegian author Amalie Skram. "Time of Tempest" is, however, the story about Ella Storm, in a city not far from where you live, in a time not far from today. The work portrays the effects of anxiety in the mind of the main character and her husband, and "the tempest" is a symbol of their inner conflicts and challenges. They live in a society in which success and appearance are the most important values. Due to a tragic event in their lives, they face a new type of challenge in order to survive - the confrontation with their inner selves, values and faith. The music and libretto of "Time of Tempest" is created by Roger Andreas Norheim, who has taken great inspiration from the singer Tezz Karlsen and the writer Bruce Bawer... The synopsis from the musical epos and the complete libretto will be published on this blog later this year. "Time of Tempest" is dedicated Roger Norheim`s musicteacher and musical mentor Vesla Nybø (1946-2002).

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