Sunday, September 23, 2007

SIGNE CHANEL - the TV series

During my current research on Karl Lagerfeld I found this very interesting TV documentary on the fashion house CHANEL. It brings you into the ateliers of the famous fashion house, and you will see how a collection is produced. It starts off with Karl Lagerfeld delivering his drawings and instructions for the upcoming collections, and during five episodes we follow the production. It is intriguing to learn that all the braids on the Chanel outfits are handmade by an old woman living on a farm in the outskirts of Paris. She is the only person in the world with that particular skill. One other interesting aspect of the TV show is the superstition that reigns in the ateliers, for instance if a garment falls to the floor it means that it will be liked and is therefor a good sign. On the contrary if you loose your scissors on the floor you are in serious trouble. That means DEATH! If you start off with this clip, you find the rest of the series on YouTube. It is all subtitled in English. Enjoy the drama!!!

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