Sunday, September 9, 2007

Le Mauvais Garcon

In this exclusive film for SHOWstudio, John Galliano lets us in on how he really makes his fashions. With Morgane Dubled starring as la merveilleuse ingénue and Monsieur Galliano as the eponymous mauvais garcon, witness the creative process of the atelier in all its histrionic glory before the showing of his A/W '07 collection. Doctored with cigarette burns and jaundiced film reel for a straight-from-the-archive-shelf charm, this self-effacing film re-enacts the common mythologies that enshroud the figure of the fashion designer: as a fastidious creator of clothing and fantasy. Toying with many of these received ideas, the film is made in the parodic style that M. Galliano does better than anyone else.

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